Michael Moore



Michael is a community leader with over a decade of experience supporting Stepping Stone of San Diego, in addition to other community organizations. In 2014, he joined the Board of Directors and, in 2015, was elected to Chairman of the Board. As Chairman, he provided important business planning and budgeting discipline to control costs, enhanced fundraising efforts and recruited Executive Director Cheryl Houk to lead the organization once again. With these efforts, the board and Cheryl have been able to restore the financial strength of the organization and have significantly expanded services by the opening an outpatient treatment center and expanded sober living services.  In 2024, as part of a multi-year transition plan, became Vice-Chair of the board.

Michael’s focus at Stepping Stone is to promote the mission of Stepping Stone and the men and women whose lives are transformed by being free of drug addiction and alcoholism. He is committed to making sure these lifesaving recovery and HIV/AIDS services are available to our community regardless of ability to pay. Success for Stepping Stone – and for Michael – will be defined by how many people the organization can help, and by ensuring that this important San Diego resource remains strong and vibrant for decades to come.

For his day job, Michael Moore works as Vice President of Product Management at MD Revolution, a digital health IT company developing technologies and services supporting remote care for chronically ill patients.